Matt Appears In New TV Trailer "BACKGROUND!"

About Matt

Matt exemplifies an effervescent synergy between right and left brain. His vocational choices are seemingly haphazard, even contradictory on many levels: Businessman and Actor. Branding Strategist and On-Air Personality. However, these choices are due neither to uncertainty nor lack of direction. On the contrary, Matt is simply a man who loves storytelling. All of his ventures are different ways of telling stories, whether it's the story of an emerging artist, a young company's vision or an examination of the human condition.

Nashville Underground Entertainment, LLC is a media, management and lifestyle company in Nashville, TN. Founded by Matt Williams and Shawn Carnes, Nashville Underground Entertainment is as real as the city that bares its name: fun, mildly unconventional, and rapidly growing in popularity. The Nashville Underground umbrella encompasses Nashville Underground ManagementNashville Underground Radio and the Nashville Underground Showcase Series, as well as consulting services.